We would like to acknowledge individuals who have generously offered support to the Slave Biographies project.  Some have submitted datasets for the development team to review, others have commented on the proposed data structure and fields, while still others have offered insights into the technical challenges and the rewarding possibilities of building a freely accessible web database on the identities of enslaved people in the Atlantic World.

Suzanne Ashton – Associate Professor of English at Clemson University

Marco Aurélio – Ph.D. Student at University of São Paulo (USP)

Manuel Barcia Paz – Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at University of Leeds

Miguel Barnet – President of the Fernando Ortiz Foundation

Boubacar Barry – University of Cheikh Anta Diop

O. Vernon Burton – Professor of History at Clemson University and Director of the Clemson Cyberinstitute

Judith Carney
– Professor in the Department of Geography (UCLA)

Lisa Earl Castillo
– Postdoctoral researcher (Federal University of Bahia, in Brazil)

Douglas B. Chambers – Associate Professor of History (University of Southern Mississippi)

Matt Childs
– Associate Professor of History (University of South Carolina)

Ivor Conolley – PhD candidate in History and Archaeology (University of the West Indies Mona)

John Cummings
– Owner, Whitney Plantation Museum, Louisiana

Barbara Danzie Leon – Researcher, Specialist in African Sources in the Cuban National Archives

Joseph Dorsey  Associate Professor of History and African American Studies (Purdue University)

David Eltis – Professor (Emory University)

Edda Fields-Black – Associate Professor of History (Carnegie Mellon University)

Manolo Florentino
– Associate Professor in the Department of History (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Orlando Garcia Martinez
 – Independent Researcher and Co-author of Espacios, silencios y los sentidos de la libtertad: Cuba entre 1878 y 1912

Virginia Gould
– Department of History (Tulane University)

Max Grivno – Assistant Professor (University of Southern Mississippi)

Kathe Hambrick
– JACKSON- Former National Chairwoman of all Afro-American Museums in the USA. Director of the River Road African American Museum, Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

Jonn Hankins – Former Executive Director New Orleans African American Museum

Michael N. Henderson – LCDR USN Ret, Vice-President Button Gwinnett Chapter Georgia Society, SAR

Isabel Hernandes – Director of the San Severino Museum in Matanzas, Cuba

Linda Heywood – Director of African American Studies and Professor of History (Boston University)

Raquel Kennon – Ph. D Student in Department of Comparative Literature (Harvard University)

Valencia King Nelson – Founder and Webmaster of Afrigeneas

Martin Klein
– Professor (University of Toronto)

Mark Kornbluh – Dean of College of Arts and Sciences (University of Kentucky)

Paul LaChance – Invited Professor in the Department of History (University of Ottawa)

Jane Landers – Professor and Acting Director, CLAS (Center for Latin American Studies), Vanderbuilt University

Paul Lovejoy – Distinguished Professor (York University)

Kristin Mann
– Professor and Chair of ECAS at Emory University

Steven Mintz – Director of Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center (Columbia University)

Joseph C. Miller – Professor of History (University of Virginia)

Valencia King Nelson – Founder of AfriGeneas

David Paterson – AfriGeneas Slave Research Forum manager / Publisher of the American Activist

Andres Pletch – Ph.D. candidate in History (University of Michigan)

Marcus Rediker – Distinguished Professor (University of Pittsburg)

Cristina Romanelli – Journalist in Brazil for National Library of History

Christine Root – Grant Developer (Michigan State University)

Michael Sartisky – President Executive Director Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

Ibrahima Seck – Assistant Professor of History, Cheikh Anta Diop University and Researcher of the West African Research Center in Dakar, Senegal

Dominique Taffin – Director of the Departmental Archives in Martinique

John Thornton – Professor of History (Boston University)

Maria-Elisa Velazquez – l’Université Iberoaméricaine and Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Kathleen Weessies – Geosciences Librarian (Michigan State University)

John Weiss – Independent scholar, London

Patty Whitney – Researcher, Bayou History Center

Michael Zeuske – Professor (University of Cologne, Germany)

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